Animal Prints Obsession!!

Fashion / Friday, August 21st, 2020


Animal prints made an incredible leap from tacky and old-fashioned territory to the land of influencers from where it subsequently trickled down. A few years ago, none of us would have imagined that everything from wallets and earrings, to tops and jackets would end up covered in what used to be considered as one of the ultimate worst fashion earlier. Thankfully we’re living in a golden era of fashion freedom, a wonderful time where anything goes well even animal print is now considered tame.

You might even be tired of the trend already because it’s certainly been done, but still, it’s kind of cool that we’ll be seeing it everywhere because, no matter the context, animal print will always be a bold statement that remains an element of wildness in our fashion world.

Classic animal print accessories are your staples if you love accessorising your simple outfit. Stud earrings, delicate necklaces and probably wrist watch looks great with printed outfits. Also if you like a defined hairstyle, a ponytail is sleek and smooth, if you probably don’t do messy top knots. Apply a little bit of makeup and you are all set to go to any get together.

Animal print
clutches/handbags will always be stylish. A great bag is something you are often willing to invest in if you can afford it, because it will go with everything, and you will keep it forever. It will be structured, hold its shape when empty, and it stand on its own.

If you don’t have animals prints yet in your wardrobe than you should definitely give this a try.

See you soon. Xoxo!

Anu Rai

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